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South America has many faces.  Descendants of the Incas live throughout the rugged country of Peru, and nowhere does this ancient culture seem more untouched that in the Colca Canyon and at Machu Picchu.  In contrast Cuzco is fast becoming a cosmopolitan city and a fascinating visit. 

Across the mountains, in Rio de Janeiro samba throbs out over Cobacabana beach.  A thousand leagues south, hooves thunder over the pampas as gauchos corrale a longhorn herd toward the haciendas that dot Argentina's landscapes.

  Hotel Monasterio, Peru
 A perfect base to explore the sacred valley and Cuzco's colonial heart.  more »
  Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge, Peru
 A magical place of spectacular sunrises and mystical moonlit nights.  more »
  Copacabana Palace, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Fall under the spell of the Copacabana Palace, South America's grandest hotel.  more »
  La Cabana, Buenos Aires
 One of Argentina's most celebrated and famous restaurants.  more »
  Las Casitas del Colca, Colca Canyon, Peru
 Secluded romantic Casitas in the awe-inspiring Colca Canyon.   more »
  Miraflores Park Hotel, Peru
 A landmark luxury hotel in the most fashionable district of Lima.  more »

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